Here is our collection of Links  to other Amber pages.  Of course, this doesn't cover every page out there, but here are a few of our favorites!!

Susie Ward Aber's "World of Amber" - Susie Aber is an earth science researcher and minerologist at Emporia State University in Kansas.  She has put together a top-notch site with wonderful information and links.  She recently presented a poster session at  the International Amber Conference in the Basque Region of Spain in October.  Aside from just being a most amenable and congenial person anytime we have questions, her site is completely informative and easily read.  Grab a cup of tea and spend some time.  There are lots of great links to some top-notch research.  Pay her a visit and plan on spending awhile! --

Yale Goldman and the Dead Bug in Amber Club - Yale Goldman lives and works in  Connecticut, so he has close access to the Cretaceous deposits in New Jersey.  He also has the good fortune of traveling to the Dominican Republic occassionally to buy the amber directly.  Although his site is primarily Dominican amber, there are other types to choose from for purchase.  For fun, join the Dead Bug in Amber Club.  He just added a new intro into his page that will crack you up.  Contact him and get on his membership list.  You'll get a nice certificate with your name printed on it sent to you! --

Dr. Volker Arnold - Volker is an archaeologist with the Museum of Dithmarschen in northern Germany.  This site is new and informative.  He has many wonderful photos of insect and plant inclusions in Baltic amber, and a link to his archaeological museum where they do research on Neo-lithic societies in Europe.   I recommend you check this one out for his perspective and insight.  Hes fortunate enough to live in an area where the bounty is plentiful and we get to see what he finds. --

Amber Collection by the Nature Gallery (click on "Amber") - this site has amber facts, a little history and methods for testing for authenticity.  There are some very nice photos of amber objects including a ship carved from amber and a perfume bottle.  Along with amber are pages of fossils and minerals.  It appears the guys running this page have some items for sale and they include their e-mail address for inquiries. -- (click on "Amber")

Doug Lundberg's Amberica West - Doug has information about amber from all over the world, as  well as nice pieces for sale.  His site carries fossil insects and plants in amber  from the Dominican Republic.  Doug is one person who has the good fortune of buying amber directly from the source - the people who mine it!  He has some special offers for teachers and photos are included with most pieces.  There is also a section on how to tell real amber from fake - always helpful in this industry.  --

Amber Lady - It would take a while to completely check out this site, but just sit back with a good cup of coffee or tea and have at it.  She carries amber in many forms from pieces with insect and plant inclusions, pieces in jewelry and some for research purposes.  There are educational kits for children and articles by imminent people in amber research.  She also has links and information on geology, gems and minerals and paleontology.  This is a pretty informative site and worth a look-see. --

and finally.... Amber: Arboreal Gold (Jewels of the Past) - This site is hosted by Tammi with assistance from Paul (two of the three partners in  Up for about two years now, it has generated interest from all over the globe.  Based on profiling Dr. George Poinar of Oregon State University and Dr. David Grimaldi of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the site has generated the interest that led to the interprise we are involved in today.  Information on books written by these two men, who are prominent in their field, is included as well as some wonderful pictures of Baltic and Dominican amber.  We have also added some shots of our newly aquired amber with terrific inclusions, taken by Paul Howell and Dave Campbell.  Our good friend Dave Lamb also has some photos on the site.  --

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