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Female fungus gnat Amber- From its earliest history adorning the jewelry of ancients on every continent, amber fascinates with its appearance of liquid gold, forever frozen in time. Midges and mites

Captured sunshine it surely is, for to hold a carefully crafted amber ampule in one's hand is to hold the soothing, warm essence of sunshine from millions of years past, before time began.

Within The Amber Gallery, you will find our ever-growing collection of Baltic amber presented for your viewing pleasure. To begin browsing our beautiful bounty, just follow The Gallery link. We have many more pieces that aren't currently showcased in The Gallery, so if you have something specific you'd like, we can handle special requests.

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learn more about this rare treasure and its place in history? Wondering if your amber is genuine? Or maybe you just want to know how much that piece of amber in your collection is worth? At The Amber Gallery, we have developed an amber pricing matrix based on the size, beauty, and inclusions within the sample. Whatever your amber needs or questions may be, we will try to help you as best we can. You can either email us, or go to our ordering and information form.

Some of our pieces are admirable for their shape and smoothness, like a treasured hand piece to be carried for luck. All of these specimens contain exquisite inclusions, fragments of earth's ancient historical recordA spider and his web! preserved for eons. As you will see in our gallery, true amber preserves with exceptional clarity. Amber presents a window into our past, preserving in a golden phial a history nearly forgotten. Enjoy your visit, and linger awhile in this sunlight captured so very long ago.

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